Living QuartersLook Who's Talking
Lughnasa sistersAndrea & Roger
80th Birthday Celebrations


80th Birthday


Spring MeetingWoodcarver

   Spring Meeting (1956)                                                             The Woodcarver (1965)

Odd CoupleAnastasiaRashomon

   The Odd Couple (1975)                 Anastasia (1976)                          Rashamon (1977)

Born In The GardensGoodbye People

   Born In The Gardens (1985)                                                        The Goodbye People (1987)

All IrelandPoker Session

   Winning The All Ireland (1990)     The Poker Session (1994)

StreetcarTea In A China Cup

  A Streetcar Named Desire (1996) Tea In A China Cup (1998)

Panic StationsNo HansSkirmishes

   Panic Stations (2004)                   Look, No Hans! (2005)                 Skirmishes (2005)








   Living Quarters (2006)                  Look Who's Talking (2006)        

Dr Fell

   I Do Not Like Thee, Dr Fell (2007)

Separate BedsGhosts of BedlamShoot The Crow

   Separate Beds (2007)                  Ghosts of Bedlam (2007)              Shoot The Crow (2008)

Holiday SnapOther Half

   Holiday Snap (2008)                      How The Other Half Loves (2009)








  Dancing At Lughnasa (2010)

Married BlissMarried Bliss

   Married Bliss (2010)


   A Little Something For The Ducks (2009)                                        

Hebrew LessonEntertaining Angels

   The Hebrew Lesson (2010)         Entertaining Angels (2011)

   Fish Out Of WaterWeekend Breaks

   Fish Out of Water (2011)                 Weekend Breaks (2012)


   The Droitwich Discovery (2012)    Off The Hook (2012)

Donahue SistersRoger

   The Donahue Sisters (2012)        Taking Sides (2013)

David & TomPushcart

   A Bride In The Hand (2013)          Pushcart Peddlers (2013/14)

Roger & DillonAndrea & Patrick

   Play On! (2014 Festival)               Play On! (2014 Summer)


   Hedda Gabler (2015)                    Murdered To Death (2015)

Inklings 2J&N

 The Inklings (2015)                       In The Blinking of an Eye (2015)


Brighton (2016)


Beside The Seaside (2016)


The Festivities (2016)


The Mai (2017)


First Things First (2017)

Borkman Image 1Borkman Image 2JackieAndrea

John Gabriel Borkman (2018)

Roger.DavidKKIC Photo

Kindly Keep It Covered (2018)


The Night I Danced With Cyd Charisse (2018)


The Clarence Players